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A/A2 Full Licence Training

The minimum age for this training is 19 and it is conducted on larger bikes, preparing you for your Module 1 and 2 tests. You will require a CBT and a theory test certificate for this training, (unless upgrading from A1 or A2), however, the CBT can be included as part of a package course.

The training starts on site to ensure you’re confident with the power and weight of the larger bike, before venturing on-road around Gloucester test routes, which includes town and countryside riding, with 20 to 70 mph limits.

Training can be booked as pay as you go sessions, minimum 3 hours, or as an all inclusive, 15 to 30 hour intensive package course, usually completed within a week over 3, 4 or 5 days.

Package courses have certain benefits, such as Module 1 training done on the DVSA Test site in Quedgeley, Gloucester, where the test will be conducted.  In addition to this, both practical tests are included, so no waiting times. These courses are a convenient way to learn, but generally only suit experienced riders with a lot of riding miles on or off road.

If you have little or no experience we recommend you book a CBT first, so we can assess your existing skills and how quickly you learn new ones.

Training includes safety equipment if required, bike hire, petrol and fully comprehensive insurance (with a minimum £250 excess, unless you take the £20 a day waiver option). The theory test is not included, see our useful links page for info.

The total spend is usually between £690 and £1290.

This type of training can only be booked by contacting us first. This is because we pride ourselves on giving the best advice, resulting in the highest Module 1 & 2 pass rate of all the riding schools testing at Gloucester Test Centre, which we hope will lead to a more enjoyable experience for you.

If you would like to try a big bike before you buy, then go to the Motorbike/Moped Tryout link.

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