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The 6 hour RoadRider includes on-site manual handling skills and on road riding.


The course is designed to increase confidence and further develop your bike control on a 50cc or 125cc, after you have completed your CBT and before your A1 test or progressing to a big bike. The training is also ideal for riders wanting to learn gears after riding an automatic.

The on-site training includes Module 1 Test Manoeuvres to assess how your handling skills are developing. On road riding includes Gloucester test routes and allows us the opportunity to give feedback, to prepare you for the 50cc AM or 125cc A1 tests.

If your goal is to progress to larger bikes, either the A2 or A licence, the course includes a tryout on a Yamaha MTO7 700cc, if you reach the required standard.

Feel free to use your own bike for the training, however, bike hire can be added when booking. If you’re hiring a bike we recommend the £20 Voluntary Excess Waiver Option.

Helmet, jacket and gloves are automatically included, if required.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

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