"If you're looking for someone to massage your ego then don't go to Martin

•  If you can't take criticism, then don't go to Martin 

•  If you don't have a sense of humour then don't go to Martin 

•  If you want to become the best motorcycist you can be, then GO to Martin 

•  If you want to feel safe and confident on the road, then GO to Martin

•  If you want to have a laugh and enjoy your training with someone who genuinely cares about you, your training and you passing your tests, then GO to Martin!

I think it's testament enough to say I'd pay to ride out with him even after passing just to hang out but also to keep learning as he's so knowledgable and experienced and there's always something new to learn. Thank you Martin!"

- Ruth Hunter, trained and passed in 2021.


About us:

Teaching learners since 1996, we believe this is the riding school for you.

With experienced, fully qualified DVSA instructors, our aim is to provide the best quality experience, whether you’re a first timer on a moped or an experienced rider on a motorbike.

Our courses are tailored to suit your needs and can include equipment, bike hire, insurance, petrol and all training and test fees.

Our approved training site between Shurdington and Cheltenham gives the space required to develop your skills in a safe environment until you are confident enough to ride on the road.

For information on our courses, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.